SDGs 1, 2, 4, 7, 17

Development of agricultural and small-animal herding (Project I); agricultural development and services to rural communities (Project II)
This two-part project improved adult literacy, provided agricultural and pastoral training and support, and increased clean, affordable energy. Agricultural production increased through training in key techniques and the introduction of improved yield seeds or crop alternatives and of short-cycle animals for reproduction.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; UNDP
$1,328,750 (PI: $498,750; PII: $830,000)
PI: 2005–2007; PII: 2009–2011 Completed

Support for lowland rehabilitation and for agricultural and livestock processing
This poverty reduction and food security project provided high-yield rice seed varieties, rehabilitated low-lying coastal and related hydraulic infrastructure, and provided training in food-processing, conservation and commercialization techniques.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; UNDP
2011–2015 Completed

Rural electrification through solar-energy systems
Building on the achievements of a previous IBSA Fund initiative, the project brought solar energy to an additional 20 villages and supported all project villages in the development of effective and sustainable solar equipment management.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Central Electronics Ltd; UNDP
2011–2015 Completed