State of Fiji

Dolores de panza

SDGs 3, 4, 17

Empowering the children and adolescents with special needs and their families

The project supported the construction and equipping of a hospital pavilion to provide quality service for children and adolescents with special needs.

Ministry of Health; Chey Chumneas Hospital; Caritas
2010–2014 Completed

SDGs 3, 4, 17

National Health Insurance Scheme Support
The project supported the development of the national health insurance programme through the establishment of the NHI secretariat, including its infrastructure and staff capacity development.

Ministry of Health, Social Security and International Business; Organization of Eastern Caribbean States; UNDP
2017–2019 Completed

SDGs 1, 2, 4, 7, 17

Development of agricultural and small-animal herding (Project I); agricultural development and services to rural communities (Project II)
This two-part project improved adult literacy, provided agricultural and pastoral training and support, and increased clean, affordable energy. Agricultural production increased through training in key techniques and the introduction of improved yield seeds or crop alternatives and of short-cycle animals for reproduction.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; UNDP
$1,328,750 (PI: $498,750; PII: $830,000)
PI: 2005–2007; PII: 2009–2011 Completed

Support for lowland rehabilitation and for agricultural and livestock processing
This poverty reduction and food security project provided high-yield rice seed varieties, rehabilitated low-lying coastal and related hydraulic infrastructure, and provided training in food-processing, conservation and commercialization techniques.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; UNDP
2011–2015 Completed

Rural electrification through solar-energy systems
Building on the achievements of a previous IBSA Fund initiative, the project brought solar energy to an additional 20 villages and supported all project villages in the development of effective and sustainable solar equipment management.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Central Electronics Ltd; UNDP
2011–2015 Completed

SDGs 6, 11, 12

Solid waste management improvement
The project equipped local governments with waste collection trucks and excavators, rehabilitated select markets and market tarmacs to reduce illegal vending, and distributed waste bins and posters in schools, all supported by a national communications strategy.

Ministry of Communities; UNDP
2014–2018 Completed

SDGs 1, 4, 8, 11, 16

Collection of solid waste as a tool to reduce violence (Phases I and II)

To reduce violence and gang clashes, the project helped to develop a culture around labour-intensive waste collection and disposal and improved livelihoods by aiding pacification efforts and reducing the incidence of disease.

Municipality of Port-au-Prince; Ministry of Public Works; Ministry of the Environment; Sanitary Action Committee of Carrefour-Feuilles; UNDP
PI: 2006–2007; PII 2007–­2011 Completed

Promote the socioeconomic integration of vulnerable children and youth

To improve employability and job access for vulnerable youth, the project provided professional training including the development of entrepreneurship skills and citizen values, basic education and job placement.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour; Viva Rio; ILO
2015–2017 Completed

Lao People’s Democratic Republic
SDGs 2, 15

Support to integrated irrigated agriculture in two districts in Bolikhamxay
The project improved the irrigation system and promoted sustainable management of natural resources through community management groups.

Bolikhamxay Province Department of Planning and Investment; Department of Irrigation; UNDP
2012–2015 Completed

Saint Lucia
SDGs 1, 9

Poverty reduction through livestock development
The project established infrastructure and introduced technology and support systems to help to increase the production and commercialization of quality livestock products while strengthening the technical and managerial skills of livestock farmers organizations, extension officers and veterinarians.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Cooperatives; FAO
2015–2018 Completed

SDGs 2, 12, 15, 27

Enhancing agricultural capacity 
The project established a pilot farm school to serve as a learning centre for demonstrating commercial farming practices to local farmers. 

South African Agricultural Research Council; National Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment; UNDP

SDGs 2, 5, 17

Enhancing inclusive sustainable economic development through coconut sector development
The project fostered income-generation opportunities for smallholder farmers and improved their livelihoods through value-added coconut products while also contributing to the inclusive, sustainable economic development outlined in the national development strategy.

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives; UNDP
2018–2020 Completed


Malawi and Zambia
SDGs 4, 5, 17

Eliminating child marriages and offering scholarships to child-marriage survivors
The project re-enrolled and provided scholarships and skills to child-marriage survivors to provide a second chance for education, as well as awareness training to discourage girls from dropping out of school.

Regional: Africa Union Commission; UN-Women

Malawi: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs; Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare; Malawi National Partnership to End Child Marriage

Zambia: Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Gender; Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development; UN-Women; Campaign for Female Education
2019–2020 Completed

Sierra Leone
SDGs 1, 5, 16, 17

Digital financial services
The project piloted digital financial-service projects, such as savings, mobile credit and insurance, as well as financial literacy for women, youth and MSMEs, and contributed to policy development and technical support.

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development; Bank of Sierra Leone; UNCDF
2018–2021 Completed

Leadership development and capacity-building for human development and poverty reduction
The project strengthened human resource planning and management, strategy and policy development, and other key management skills among state institutions to support the Government’s implementation of macroeconomic reforms and good governance practices.

Office of the President; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; UNDP
2011–2013 Completed

SDGs 1, 2

Leveraging agro-industry potential in rural areas through enhanced soya bean production and processing
The project contributed to rural poverty reduction and food security through improved productivity, capacity and income by diversifying existing crop systems for soya bean cultivation and improving the value chain.

Ministry of Agriculture; Smallholder Productivity Promotion Programme; Muchinga Agricultural Development Company; IFAD
2018–2021 Completed

SDGs 3, 5, 17

Strengthening infrastructure and capacity to combat AIDS
The project built and equipped an HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment centre while strengthening the Government’s ability to plan, communicate and implement HIV/AIDS prevention and care strategies.

Ministry of Health; Society for Women and AIDS in Africa; UNDP; UNFPA
2010–2012 Completed

Cabo Verde
SDGs 3, 5, 9, 17

Delivering safe drinking water
The project increased the availability of safe drinking water and improved health conditions for local communities by constructing a water desalination plant and connecting it to the main water distribution system.

Municipality of Ribeira Brava; UNDP
2009–2014 Completed

Refurbishment of health-care infrastructure
The project rehabilitated and equipped two health-care centres serving remote communities, one of which had been in disuse.

Municipality of Ribeira Brava
2008 Completed

State of Palestine
SDG 3, 10

Supporting programme opportunities in recreational and team sports
The project built and equipped a multipurpose sports complex offering a variety of sports opportunities – indoor soccer, fencing, gymnastics, etc. – and organized youth sports leagues.

Palestinian National Authority; Ministry of Youth; Sharek Youth Forum; UNDP
2008–2011 Completed


Construction and equipping of Centre of for Persons with Severed Intellectual Disabilities 
The project built and equipped a service centre to offer consultation, physical therapy, vocational training, and protection and rehabilitation services for individuals with intellectual and other disabilities.


Palestinian National Authority; Ministry of Social Affairs; UNDP
2012­–2016 Completed 

Rehabilitation of the Cultural and Hospital Centre (Phases I and II)
The project rehabilitated the infrastructure and upgraded the medical capacity of the Cultural and Hospital Centre for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society including recovery rooms, administrative offices, the cafeteria and facilities for psychosocial support activities. 

Palestinian National Authority; Palestinian Red Crescent Society; UNDP
$1,644,700 (PI; $1,000,000; PII: $644,700)
PI: 2012–2023; PII: 2014–2016 Completed


Reconstruction of Atta Habib Medical Centre in Gaza City 
The project improved access to public health care by rebuilding and furnishing the Centre, including the maternity and children’s ward facilities and the dental and lab services.


Palestinian National Authority; Ministry of Health; UNDP
2015–2017 Completed

SDGs 4, 8

Creation of job opportunities for youth in Sudan through labour-intensive work opportunities
In an effort to create employment opportunities for unskilled and semi-skilled underprivileged youth, the project supported their placement in road maintenance, waste management, and auto-mechanical, electrical and other vocational jobs.

Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform; Ministry of International Cooperation; Ministry of Youth and Sports; Khartoum State; UNDP
2014–2017 Completed

Timor-Leste SDG 2
Conservation agriculture, permaculture and sustainable fisheries management
The project promoted the adoption of sustainable production techniques and the intensification of smallholder farming and fishing systems.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries; NaTerra Association; Conservation International; FAO
2015­–2018 Completed

Viet Nam
SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4

Establishment of a rice-seed production hub

The project established a production hub for rice seeds that are appropriate for local conditions, contributing to the enhancement of agriculture yields, strengthened rice cultivation and improved post-harvest processing methods.

Da Nang People’s Committee; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; FAO
2012–2014 Completed

An innovative e-learning approach for health
The project developed e-training modules that enhance the skills of medical students and health professionals, improving the coverage and quality of service in underserved regions.

Ministry of Health; Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy; WHO
2015–2018 Completed

SDGs 4, 6, 11

Addressing the Water, Health and Poverty Nexus through WASH Initiatives for COVID-19 and Climate Responses
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project is improving sanitation and hygiene by providing solar-powered boreholes, rainwater- and stormwater-harvesting water supply systems, and knowledge exchanges among global South countries.

National Disaster Management Agency; UNDP

SDGs 2, 13, 15

Restoration and monitoring of degraded land in the groundnut basin of the Saloum Delta
To reduce the impact of climate change, the project is using drones to monitor and analyse land degradation, strengthen adaptation monitoring measures, promoting the use of solar energy for land desalination, and strengthening community involvement in restoration and productivity.

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development; UNESCO; UNDP

SDGs 1, 2, 6

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
SDGs 2, 6, 17

Increased access to water for consumption and hygiene, improved livestock production and post-drought food security
The project drilled water wells to provide rancher associations and indigenous communities with increased access to clean water for consumption and hygiene as well as for livestock and agricultural production.

Ministry of Rural Development and Land; Autonomous Departmental Government of Beni; Federation of Ranchers of Beni; UNDP
2018–2021 Completed